Slotted Pipe


1. Standard: API 5CT, API 5L, ASTM, JIS etc.
2. Grade: H40, J55, K55, N80, L80, P110, etc.
3. Outside Diameter: 2 3/8" - 20" (60.3mm - 508mm)
4. Wall Thickness: Less than 16mm
5. Pipe/Tube Length: ≤15m
6. Pipe/Tube thread: Bevel End, NUE, EUE, BTC, STC, LTC, VAM, NEW VAM etc.
7. Sloth length: As per customer's requirement
8. Sloth width: 0.15 - 10mm (±0.03mm)
9. Slots shape: Straight slots, trapezoid slots, holes or other shapes
10. Slot number: As per customer's requirement
11. Distribution types of slots: straight in line pattern, staggered pattern, spiral pattern etc.
12. Blind space: As per customer's requirement

slotted pipe1
slotted pipe2

General Specification of Slotted Pipe:

Slotted pipe size